Dare Dorm
Dare Dorm - Drunk And Horny College Coeds Partying Hard
Buzzed College Chick
Buzzed College Chick
This buzzed college chick moved to hot sunny southern California from Florida to attend college at UCLA. She has met so many guys and has enjoyed the party scene. She left high school as a virgin but that soon changed.
College Coed Flashing
These two babes attended a Dare Dorm to have a blast and they sure did. One of them is a true busty college coed. She says she's fucked so many guys and had so much sex in Southern California.
Drunk Coed
College pool parties aren't your typical parties. The college bashes occur in the day and it's always hot so all the girls love to come in their bikinis and get naked once they're drunk and ready to fuck in public.
Drunk University Student
Drunk University Student
This babe decided to come and show all her NYU classmates that she's not a country square, but a big city girl. She ended up being groped by a frat guy because she was beyond intoxicated, she was a drunk university student.
The party girls of Dare Dorm are here to party hard, College Fuck Fest style
Flashing College Girls
Flashing College Girl
This Texas chick is your typical college coed I guess you could say. What sets her apart from the other hot sexy coeds is that she's a busty college coed. She likes flashing because she knows guys jerk off to her tits.
Fucked At A Party
These two girls went topless to make out with each other to make all the frat boys cheer. They're usually in wet tshirt contests and always win because they take off their tops and bottoms to help them rank higher.
Insane Party Girls
This college freshman has never done anything like this before and finally she gets to show off her body and show that she's a freak. She's a shy girl in class as a coed but when it comes to sex she gets real wild.
Intoxicated College Coeds
The next Dare Dorm party featured a junior college coed who loves giving blowjobs, sucking dick, deepthroating cock, getting fucked, having sex doggystyle, taking cum facials to the face and titty fucking too.
There's a bunch of college coeds partying hard & flashing their tits while dancing
Naked College Girls
Do you like Latina coeds? Well if you do like latina coeds, then this Dare Dorm party had a bunch of these Texas coeds. Tons of dark skinned busty college coeds flashing their boobs and turning into topless coeds.
Party Girl Blowjob
It was a night to remember as this wild house party was set up on MySpace and tons of hot girls from Facebook showed up and even some Craigslist whores. They ended up all getting naked and having a blast, drunk.
Wild House Party
The Dare Dorm found some new party girls courtesy of the University of Louisiana. The coeds from there love to fuck and guys love fucking them. Even fat coeds got some love from the horny college guys.
Hot Sorority Sluts
The hot sorority sluts were bored at this party with a bunch of chumps sot hey all got drunk and wasted to see what the guys would do and it turns out that one of the guys got his hand and put it under their skirts.
These insane coeds are drinking and flashing, even fucking at these wild parties
College Girls Flashing
Hide the booze because it's late at night at this college bash and the girls are already completely intoxicated so all the guys take advantage of them and grab a handful of their small tits.
Dorm Room Sex
When this guy spotted a drunk party coed in the corner looking buzzed and drunk he went up to her and started groping her tits and end up fingering her pussy in the living room.
Lesbian Girls In College
The bras come off and the panties come off in this wild party that was held in the house of the college quarterback and he made sure to invite only community college hotties.
Sorority Babe Flashing
While sporting her Burberry purse this rich college babe showed off her tits and flashed all the guys at the party because she's an attention whore who loves being the center of attention.
Every week college coeds send in their submission for the best college party
At these college parties the beer and tequila is flowing like crazy. When that happens you get buzzed college coeds drinking too much booze and getting drunk, intoxicated, even completely wasted at these college bashes. From daytime pool parties to nighttime house parties there's always a party going on and the college coeds know how to find them and how to host a naked party have the time of their lives.

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